The Last Word: Interview with Minette in Dorset Magazine
Minette can’t live without three things – can you guess what they are? She reveals all in a light-hearted Q&A in the May 2008 issue of Dorset Magazine.


‘Like a scene from Beatrix Potter…’
Even though she plumbs the dark depths of the human psyche in her books, Minette’s writing environment is far more bucolic. Find out what Minette and Beatrix Potter have in common in this February 2008 interview from Good Housekeeping magazine.


‘Why our soldiers deserve the best’
In February 2007, Minette wrote a passionate article for the Sunday Express about the plight of British soldiers seeking fair compensation and safer equipment.


sunday_express_logoMistress of crime – interview with the Sunday Express
What happens when the lunatics escape and start running the asylum? In an in-depth article from 11 Sept 2005, Minette discusses the genesis for The Devil’s Feather with Richard Dismore. Read full article »


emotion_logoInterview with Minette
e-motion, the passenger magazine of Southwest Trains, published a great interview with Minette in Issue 13, Nov/Dec 2005. In it, she talks about her fascination with people, why she loves Dorset, and recommends her favourite reads for a train journey…


Are you what you eat? Assessing Minette’s diet
We discovered this interesting article on The Observer’s website and thought we’d share it with you. In it, Minette discusses a typical day from a food perspective and Dr John Briffa analyses it. Food forensics, anyone?


Passed/Failed: An education in the life of Minette Walters, crime novelist
Minette’s ‘drinking degree’ and other tales!


sp_magPolice procedural: In it together
An interview with Minette that first appeared in the Strathclyde Police Department’s magazine, Upbeat, in October 2004. In the article, Minette discusses her prison visits and drops a clue about the new Acid Row adaptation! Read Upbeat article »

In Print

Life Stories: Minette Walters

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Mind of Minette

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Minette Walters: An intelligent approach to crime

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It’s Your Funeral…

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Acid Reign

From: Pages Magazine,
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The sinister small mind

From: Gold Coast Bulletin,
28 —29 November 1998

Crime Pays

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Jan. March 1998

My Cultural Life

From: The Guardian,
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Crime and Compassion

From: Publishing News,
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Murder, She Writes

From: Who Weekly,
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“Knowing your Goethe from your Joist”

From: Books Magazine
April/May 1996 By: Minette Walters;